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These are the top Daft Punk Songs 2015:

Daft Punk is a musical team of two electronic musicians of France, one is Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and another one is Thomas Bangalter. The group received momentous popularity in the late years of 1990s house movement in France and after that they followed continued success in following years. Daft Punk songs list 2015 consists of four studio albums, two compilation albums, 2 live albums, 3 remix albums, one soundtrack album, seventeen singles and music videos. If you want to know all about Daft Punk and their tracks list then continue reading the article.

Daft Punk songs 2015

Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter met each-other while attending a secondary school called  Lycée Carnot in Paris and became very good friends. In 1992, they teamed up with Laurent Brancowitz and formed Darlin’, a guitar-based music group, which was named after Beach Boys’ song. But soon Brancowitz left Darlin’ to work with Phoenix so double team of De Homen-Christo and Thomas Bangalter formed their own musical group called ‘Daft Punk’ and started to experiment with other instruments such as synthesizers and drum machines. Before we movie to Daft Punk Songs List 2015 let us tell you some more about the duo.

Daft Punk Legacy and Music

They signed a deal with a Scottish label called Soma Records and released their debut single ‘New Wave’ in 1994. Their debut album Homework was released in 1997. It was ‘Da Funk’ by Daft Punk in 1995, an insanely catchy fusion of techno /funk, by which they rose to fame. The special thing about Daft Punk’s music is that it is not dance music purely and also influenced by techno & House music.

Daft Punk tracks are very much popular in techno and rock genres of music and Daft Punk’s live shows are always full of crowd. A great number of their fans search and download Daft Punk tracks and wait for upcoming songs and music album by duo. Here we have got a list of Daft Punk Songs which includes best Daft Punk songs and greatest hits.

List of Daft Punk Songs 2015


The New Wave
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Da Funk
Robot Rock
Around The World
Something About Us
Get Lucky – feat. Pharrell Williams
Revolution 909
One More Time
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Alive 2007)
Digital Love
Fragments Of Time – feat. Todd Edwards ~ new daft punk songs 
Instant Crush – feat. Julian Casablancas ~ new daft punk songs 
Human After All
The Prime Time of Your Life
Lose Yourself To Dance – feat. Pharrell Williams
Giorgio By Moroder  ~ new daft punk songs 
Face To Face
Give Life Back To Music
Touch – feat. Paul Williams
Doin’ It Right – feat. Panda Bear

Daft Punk Albums

Studio Albums –     
01. Homework
02. Discovery
03. Human After All
04. Random Access Memories

Live Albums –   
01. Alive 1997
02. Alive 2007

Compilation Albums –  
01. Musique Vol. 1 1993–2005
02. Homework / Discovery

Remix Albums –  
01. Daft Club
02. Human After All: Remixes
03. Tron: Legacy Reconfigured

Many Daft Punk tracks were covered or sampled by various other singers such as Swiss Beatz sampled Daft Punk’s track ‘Technologic’ for their song ‘Touch It’; Kanye West featured vocal sample of ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’ by Daft Punk in his 2007 song ‘Stronger’; R&B and rap artist Missy Eliott used a line of Daft Punk’s song in remix of ‘Touch It’.

The duo have produced music and tracks for other artists such as Teriyaki Boyz and N.E.R.D.. They designed limited edition of Coca-Cola bottles called ‘Daft Coke’ for the soft drink company in 20011 which were sold in France. Daft Punk’s appearance in robotic costume and covered face with helmet is also a reason for their popularity on internet.  People search Daft Punk pictures or photos to see real faces of Duo. Keep visiting ‘My Crow Max’ for top new Daft Punk songs 2015 list with upcoming album information.

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