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Esmee Denters Songs List:

Esmee Denters, a young dutch talent, is a singer-songwriter from Netherlands. She was born on 28th September 1988 in Arnhen. Denters’ begun her musical career through YouTube, a very popular video sharing site. She started to post contemporary songs of Natasha Bedingfiels and American pop singer Justin Timberlake in her own voice and also her own songs too. It was year 2008 when she attracted the attention of Justin Timberlake as well as Dutch media.

esmee denters songs

Timberlake signed Esmee Denters as 1st artist of his label called Tennman Records with Interscope Records as associate label. She traveled to USA to record her self-written songs in the studio. Outta Here, her debut album, was a a mix of Pop and R&B with both ballads, and uptempo tracks which was released in May 2009. Denters was co-writer of all songs of Outta Here. This music album by Esmee Denters charted on various music charts. Before we move to Esmee Denters Songs list 2017 let’s have a glance at music albums by Esmee Denters.

Esmee Denters Music Albums

Debut single of Esmee Denters was also title song of Otta Here, the album. It made entry in the top ten songs list in several European countries. She titled her second single as ‘Admit It’ and third single as ‘Love Dealer’ feat. Justin Timberlake. She sang a charity duet called ‘Follw My Lead’ with Timberlake in 2008.

Esmee Denters was featured in German band’s single called Life ‘Without You’ and was also featured in its music video which was leaked on internet. Official release date of this video song is 28th May 2010. Later she lend her voice to London based MC Chipmunk’s song ‘Until You Were Gone’ which peaked at number 3 in UK charts.

‘Screaming Out Loud’ was second studio album of Esmee Denters which she released in January 2011. ‘City Lights’ was announced as first single of ‘Screaming Out Loud’ by Denters and producer K-Gee. Now let’s have a look at Esmee Denters songs list 2017 given below.

List of Esmee Denters Songs 2017


* Motivation – with Shaun Reynolds
* Get Home – with Shaun Reynolds
* Make Me (Cry) – with Shaun Reynolds
* I Got You – with Shaun Reynolds
* If I Could I Would
* Mirrors ~ with The New Velvet
* Koningslied ~ with various Duth artists
* Memories Turn to Dust
* Follow My Lead
* Eyes For You
* Victim  ~ Esmee Denters Songs
* Just Can’t Have It
* What If
* Getting Over You
* The First Thing
* Bigger Than the World
* Crazy Place
* Casanova
* Gravity ~ Esmee Denters Songs 
* It’s Summer (Because We Say So)
* Koningslied – with various Dutch artists
* Until You Were Gone – with Chipmunk
* Love Dealer – feat. Justin Timberlake
* Outta Here  ~ Esmee Denters Songs
* Sad Symphony
* Life Without You – with Stanfour
* Admit It
* Hey Lady – with The New Velvet
* Dance 4 Life – with Erik Arbores

A young Russian designer Kira Plastinina signed a promotional deal with Denters in 2006 for her appearances on TV commercials, & Internet advertisements, as well as in-store promotional performance. In the year 2008 this deal was ended because of poor sales of Kira empire. Later in 2009 Esmee Denters became face of B.Tempt’d for Wacoal.

She has won various awards for her music such as TMF Awards in Best Female Artist category and TMF Superchart Award category, MTV Europe Music Awards in Best Dutch & Belgian Act. She did an opening act in Europe for Enrique Igleasias’ Greatest Hits tour. This post will be updated soon with upcoming new Esmee Denters songs 2017 so stay tuned with us.

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